Eclectic but Classic – Summit, NJ

After living the big-city life in small-city dwellings for over a decade, our Summit, NJ, clients were overjoyed to begin the next chapter of their lives in the sprawling suburbs. Along with our client’s architect came plans to open the ceiling in the master bedroom, change windows, revamp surfaces, add moldings and built-ins, and revamp the kitchen to reflect classic modern lines. After the initial plans were formed, Dalliance Design came in to aid any last-minute architectural decisions and start with the furniture plans.

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The homeowners wanted a mixture of new and vintage pieces while working with moderately priced to high-end items—a philosophy that we really admire and love to implement ourselves. After all, we feel that good design comes at all price points. The style we were aiming for was certainly eclectic, with inspiration pulled from classic Hampton's beach living to the homeowner’s roots of her childhood mid-century home. 

Personalization was the motto. From "H" tiles in the kitchen (the first initial of the homeowner’s last name) to old family photos and artwork, our clients were all about keeping the focus on what's most important to them: family. Along with personal touches, they were keen on implementing materials that could sustain a life with two young boys, so fashionable fabrics of durable Crypton stood shoulder to shoulder with chic, forgiving rugs. We love the details throughout, like the colorfully painted ceilings in the dining room and master bedroom, but our favorite pieces are the four-poster master bed and the giant, 60-inch-diameter, vintage chandelier in the dining room. 

This project was a great experience and nothing is more satisfying than hearing how proud your clients are of their new home. I hope they have many great years ahead full of wonderful new memories!

Note: This project was completed by Dalliance Design, the business I owned and operated with a business partner before Nicole Forina Home.